1. creative direction 
2. design & rendering 
client: christian louboutin 
agency: limitless
CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN luxury vending machine

The aim of this project was to conceptualize an ultra-luxury vending machine that would resonate with the elegance and boldness of the Christian Louboutin brand, both visually and in its presence. This machine was designed to dispense Louboutin’s custom makeup products. My role was centered around the initial design and ideation of the machine, setting the creative direction to ensure the final product would embody the brand’s luxe aesthetic. A notable design feature was the exterior of the machine, adorned with thousands of metal studs, lending an aggressive and jaw-dropping appeal that's synonymous with Louboutin's edgy brand identity. Although my involvement didn't extend into the production phase, the conceptual groundwork laid a strong foundation for what the machine would become, merging luxury with automated retail in a way that’s true to the Christian Louboutin brand. 

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