1. Art Direction 
2. Production Design 
3.  Physical Production  

When groundbreaking musician EPROM, a pioneer in music and technological innovation, approached me to collaborate on a limited-edition record sleeve, I was elated. Known for his unparalleled creativity and unique sound, EPROM already had an exciting concept in mind. My role was to take that raw idea and elevate it through strategic art direction and meticulous design.

Leveraging my expertise in packaging design and materials sourcing, we reimagined the original concept into something both practical and avant-garde. This project allowed me to showcase my multidisciplinary approach—spanning art direction, conceptual thinking, and even production and manufacturing. I personally sourced the materials and oversaw the entire production process, ensuring that the final product would be a collector's item in its own right.

The result? A record sleeve that not only matched EPROM's inventive ethos but also became a hot commodity, selling out almost immediately. This project was a testament to my holistic skill set: from creative visioning and team leadership to end-to-end product development. It encapsulates what I bring to the table—unique, multidimensional creativity that turns bold ideas into tangible reality.

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