1. Creative Direction
2. Strategic Design 
3. Spatial Design and Renders
client: GOOGLE
agency: limitless

As the guiding creative force and spatial designer on this project, my team and I came up with an engaging event that delved into the massive subject of Big Data—specifically, its impact on our planet's energy and carbon footprint.

To bring this to life, we integrated several design elements that symbolize data flow and energy use. The most eye-catching was a dynamic Google 'G' logo at the center, animated with mycelium-like projections. Using mycelium was our way of showing off what we know about carbon offsetting and how data flows.

Above the area, we installed a cloud of light-up pixel cubes that change based on the activity in the mycelium network below. Along the walls, we had data tickers that kept feeding real-time info into the room, making the space feel alive and connected.

To round it all out, we designed a Google Loop logo at the back, but we gave it a green twist—literally. It was made out of moss and plants to underline the ongoing cycle of energy and its tie-in with the environment.

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