1. Creative Direction 
2. Video Director 
3. Sound Design
4. Motion Titles

As the Art Director at Icon Motosports, I orchestrated an ambitious video project that involved wearing multiple hats—from Creative Direction and On-Set Video Direction to composing the project's original soundtrack. Our journey hit an unexpected snag when our main rider, Ernie Vigil, took a tumble during the first scene. This required us to think on our feet and quickly adjust our shooting strategy.

Navigating this challenge wasn't just a matter of logistics; it was an exercise in maintaining the project's original creative vision. Leveraging my background in sound design, I composed a bespoke soundtrack that amplified the video's impact. Additionally, we opted for anamorphic lenses, imbuing the footage with a cinematic, almost futuristic quality.

The project became a prime example of my capacity for agile adaptation and multi-disciplinary problem-solving, blending creative audacity with grounded pragmatism. It wasn't just about overcoming obstacles—it was about transforming them into unique elements that enriched the final product. This experience highlighted not just my technical prowess in video production but also my skills in team leadership, quick decision-making, and, importantly, my knack for infusing creativity into every facet of a project.

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