1. creative direction 
2. brand design 
3. apparel design 
4. spatial and environmental design
Diam Est
At the Miami Open 2022 activation, we extended our brand presence to a remote popup event at the UNKNWN clothing store, nestled in Miami’s vibrant Art District. Over a span of several days leading to a celebratory finale, the event unfolded, peaking with a night where the basketball court metamorphosed under blacklight-responsive UV paint, embodying an ethereal aura as day transitioned to night.

My contributions spanned environmental design and co-creating a distinctive capsule collection, marking a collaborative venture between Lacoste and UNKNWN. This project exemplified a harmonious blend of sports, art, and fashion, delivering a captivating sensory experience. The successful culmination of this event and capsule collection underscored the essence of creative collaboration and adaptive design, yielding phenomenal results and leaving a lasting imprint on the attendees. Through meticulous planning and a collaborative spirit, the project seamlessly integrated diverse creative elements, highlighting my ability to navigate multidisciplinary domains while ensuring a resonating impact.

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