1. creative Direction 
2. spatial and environmental design 
3. production oversight 
4. Custom patch designs
AGENCY: limitless
This project was one of the biggest and most complex ones we've tackled at Limitless Creative. We built a huge 3-story tent, with each level having its own unique purpose. The first floor was for general retail, the second housed a customization lab, and the top floor was a VIP lounge complete with disco balls, foliage, and lights.

In addition to the tent, we also created a unique and on-brand experience in an invite-only VIP viewing booth inside the stadium, named 'Simone’s' after Rene Lacoste's wife. My role in this project was crucial in making sure every space was not just functional, but also echoed the brand’s vibe. This project was a great example of managing complex builds while keeping everything on-brand, resulting in an engaging space that attendees loved.

Beyond the spatial and environmental design, I also contributed multiple custom patch designs that were offered to guests with their purchases in the text, and applied at the customization counter. 

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