1. creative direction 
2. event identity 
3. capsule merch
4. spatial design 
5. 3d renders

Agency: limitless 
Lacoste secured a prime spot on Melrose Ave, dedicating it to a series of dynamic activations for a year. The ground floor transformed with every event, while the upper level consistently showcased Lacoste's signature collection. Entrusted with the spatial design of these activations, I also shaped the event's identity and steered its overarching creative direction.
Over the months, the project evolved, introducing a fresh collaborative brand weekly. These esteemed partners celebrated their joint ventures with Lacoste through launch parties, heralding limited edition capsule collections. The lineup of collaborators was stellar, featuring names like Malbon Golf, Koreatown Run Club, Better Days, renowned tattoo artist NAL, Zack Bia, Crenshaw Skate Club, Ameoba Music, Shadow Hill, SuperVSN, and Uncle Paulies.

Alongside the collaborative events, we curated a unique customization experience within the venue. I crafted a series of patch designs, each echoing the distinct vibes of various Los Angeles neighborhoods. The intent was for visitors to proudly display their zip code, allowing them to personalize their Lacoste polo or hat, showcasing allegiance to their beloved LA locale.

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