1. Creative Direction
2. Art Direction 
3. Concept Renders
CLient: NIKE
AGEncY: Limitless

For this seeding kit, the task was clear: create a package that captures the essence of the AlphaFly Next 3 running shoe, one of the lightest and most acclaimed running shoes in the world.

I immediately gravitated toward the simple yet impactful color scheme, using the orange accent color as my guiding principle. Next, I approached it from a materials perspective, collaborating closely with Premier Press to design a kit that was as lightweight as possible while also conveying the speed of the shoes. The result was remarkable, and the kits were enthusiastically received by the recipients.

Along with the seeding kit infographics and a dosier of information about the shoe wqere included in the kit. See last image for some of the inforgraphics early explorations. 

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