1. Art Direction
2. Product Photography
3. Video Capture
4. Audio Direction / Artist Selection
Client: Nike Footlocker
Agency: One Hundred 
In this project, One Hundred collaborated with a remarkable group of creators, including the talented team at ILOVEDUST and the innovative minds at Fractal Fantasy. My responsibilities were diverse, encompassing the selection of musical artists from Fractal Fantasy, managing product photography and retouching, to overseeing product video capture. Through a seamless blend of musical artistry and visual storytelling, we aimed to deliver a captivating narrative that resonated with the audience. Each phase required a nuanced understanding of the aesthetic and thematic coherence, ensuring the final output was both engaging and aligned with our overarching vision.

We devised a distinctive photography technique for the shoes, which accentuated both the vibrant color palette and the reflective accents within a singular frame. This approach not only showcased the product in its best light but also resonated well with the electrifying aesthetic of the Future Swoosh Pack.

Creative Team: Eric Peet, Wils Glade

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