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pollen presents: justin bieber  las vegas
For this colossal venture, Pollen Presents envisioned an expansive celebration at the Winn in Las Vegas, and it was Limitless that brought this dream to life. My role was multifaceted: not only did I helm the creative direction but I also shaped the entire spatial aesthetic. The resultant spectacle was beyond phenomenal, with photographs merely scratching the surface of the immersive experience attendees felt.

Drawing inspiration from an ethereal, long-forgotten theater, the stage bore a fusion of design elements: suspended Roman columns, vibrant neon tubes, and a lush blend of ivy and foliage. This created an ambiance of a once-grand theater now reclaimed by nature, resonating a dreamy, otherworldly charm. Beyond the main stage, our design seamlessly extended to the pool area, where various artists performed simultaneously, enveloping attendees in a continual stream of entertainment and visual delight throughout the weekend.

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